Beth tried to forget Slaughterville, but the town won’t let her escape.

No one believes what Beth saw as a child when she witnessed the death of her little sister, not even the people in the very community she grew up in. The only person that believed her was her sister, Caroline. And now, Caroline has vanished.

Fighting her own guilt for leaving and the skepticism of everyone around her, Beth must confront the beings and dark magic that makes her hometown of Slaughterville what it is… a dangerous facade with horrors swimming just under the surface.

Beth has to figure out who the true enemy is before it’s too late. She knows, if she fails, no one on the outside will ever question what happened. Very few people in Slaughterville will question it. After all, they never questioned what happened to her little sister.

Will she convince other people of the shifting reality of this town and make unlikely allies? Or will she be killed by the monsters protecting Slaughterville and its secrets?

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