Slaughterville II is a game of exploration and atmosphere for 1-6 players.

For anyone who ever said to a horror movie: Why are you going back in there! It is now your turn to make those same illogical and often fatal choices looking to find allies and items that you can use to thwart the all new Evil in Slaughterville! Boasting a newly streamlined and updated rulebook, this game will allow both veteran citizens and those looking to move in for the first time to enjoy the game. The game does not require the original Slaughterville to be playable.

As with the original, you will be playing as one of the typical horror movie staples, the player will interact with one of the main locations in Slaughterville to find the Clues necessary to stop the Villain from winning and ruining their town. Citizens may have already handled the Headless Horseman or stopped the Slasher, but now they face all new threats! Are you sure that they moved the bodies away from the Ancient Burial Ground? Can you stop yourself from going insane as you face off against the minions of Cthulhu? Will you be enthralled by Dracula or will his bride be taken with him back to his castle? These three and two others will be entering the town to bring you to an early grave.

You will also encounter new Locations recently discovered within the mysterious town. The funny thing is, you are certain that they weren’t there just yesterday. Sure, the School and the Mall have been popular places for many of the teenage crowd, but when did Slaughterville get a Museum? Deep in her mist-shrouded mountains you will find terror in the Mines, while on top of the strangely permanently snow-covered peaks lies the Ski Lodge taking in tourists all year round. And last, but not least, what lurks in the sewers below this town that has seen more than rain wash down her gutters?

The Slaughterville II game is not only an expansion to the original award-winning game, Slaughterville, but it is also a stand-alone game. You DO NOT need to own a copy of the original to play this. Here’s what you’ll get with your copy of Slaughterville:

1 Player Starting Area Mat: This contains information on the actions that can be performed at the Player Starting Area.

5 Villains (Each with their own Mat and 24 Card Deck): The Villain is the driving force behind the game. The Villain determines the win conditions and the type of game that the player will experience.

6 Locations (Each with their own Mat and 24 Card Deck): These places where the citizens visit when trying to defeat the villain and save the day. The Locations will contain not only helpful items, but also surprises.

6 Character cards: These cards represent even more horror staples like the Lawyer or the Chef. The Paranormal Investigator has come to town looking for a truly haunting experience.

  • 12 Dice 
  • 6 Player Pawns 
  • 1 Villain Pawn 
  • 30 Chitboard Wound/Clue Tokens 
  • 1 Chitboard First Player Token 
  • 1 Rulebook Version 2

Will you and your friends survive your stay in Slaughterville? Only time will tell and it’s running out quickly. So grab your ALLIES, a handy Shotgun, and discover some long lost CLUES and maybe, just maybe, you can stop the spread of evil and save Slaughterville…