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In Slaughterville Director’s Cut, the Villains, Characters, and Locations have been updated to be more in line with our new faster and deadlier style. It is a reimagining of Slaughterville and it can use all components from either/both of the previous editions of the game.

For example, the Serial Killer will leave clues at each Location, the Slasher will more more on the hunt, and more. Characters will get a facelift and Locations will get a needed boost.

Slaughterville Director’s Cut is a 1-6 Player game of fun and horror. You will take on the role of one of our 28 characters, build a modular town, and choose one of our Villains to face off against. Each Villain affects the way that the game plays coming with their own win conditions and rules modifications to make the game thematic and fun!

Can you defeat the Villain?

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