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Slaughterville is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It wouldn’t be any special if it wasn’t for one small fact. It has a mysterious power to lure the most vile and disturbing creatures into its vicinity. The paranormal events, that are scarce anywhere else, bloom in Slaughterville. Meeting a vampire or a werewolf during your evening jogging is not that rare here.

And yet a group of teenagers picks Slaughterville for their vacation spot. Is it the catchy name of the town or maybe some unknown powers that brought them into this godforsaken place? We’ll never know.

While they’re unpacking in their little, wooden cabins, the powers that could twist one’s mind are already preparing for a feast. Soon, young tourists will forget about hiking or sunbathing and worry about one thing only. Survival.

Slaughterville II is a cooperative card game for 1 to 6 players. If you played the original, you quite likely remember how the game flows, but let’s do a little refresher while explaining it to all the new players.

Everyone chooses a single character and then players can decide on a villain they want to tackle (or choose one randomly). Next you need to pick corresponding decks and place them on their own mats. Each villain has an unique deck.

Every game you’ll also have 6 locations at your disposal. They’re randomly chosen, but some villains might require using a specific one. Locations also have their own decks and mats so players need to pick the corresponding elements and place them on the table. You end up with character cards, a villain deck on his mat and 6 mats with location decks.

This is for a digital version only.