You never thought it would come to this. When the dead rose, you thought they would be the biggest threat. You were wrong. Your supplies are running low. Medicine and food are nearly gone. The group decided that you will make the next run. You thought you had prepared for this. You weren’t ready for them but they were ready for you.

District-Z: The Cult is a stand-alone game and does not require the original District-Z to play. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style game that will take you from your first steps outside of your small compound and into a harried run from a mysterious cult that is always on your trail. You will choose your own path. Will you take down the cult or will you be converted?


1 Cult Game Book
15 Cult Cards
15 Item Cards
7 Companion Cards
10 Wound Tokens
10 Ammo Tokens
5 Infection Tokens
4 Double-Sided Survivor Mats
1 Rulebook
10 Custom Dice
1 Black XP TRACK Marking Cube
3 Red SPECIAL ABILITY Marking Cubes
4 Clear ATTRIBUTE Marking Cubes

District-Z: The Cult Rules