Gone Hunting Launches Sunday 9/18!

Get notified when we launch the Family Friendly Game of Fun and Hunting: Gone Hunting this Sunday LIVE and on location!! Head on hover and get ready! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gom/gone-hunting-a-family-friendly-hunting-game-for-1-4-players

Slaughterville 3 Printing Now!

Slaughterville 3 is at the printer, all files are approved, and it is on the move 🙂

Slaughterville Book 2: The Slasher!

Slaughterville Book 2 picks up right where we left off in the first book. Tragedy has struck and now it's up to The Citizens to set things right! How will they overcome their loss while also trying to keep ahead of the dark forces in the town? Who will be the...

Slaughterville Director’s Cut Shipping!

Slaughterville Director's Cut is at the distributor and on its way to you! If you are looking for a great game of Fun and Horror, look no further! Redesigned and Reimagined to be more streamlined and fun, the Director's Cut brings all of the content from the original...

Laughing Rogue YouTube channel

Slaughterville 2 Video Series! We wanted to introduce to you the new series of videos coming from Laughing Rogue all about the upcoming  game Slaughterville II! We will be taking a look at the new Locations, Characters, and Villains in the game and giving you access...