We are not one to rest upon our laurels! Diligence and hard work are the order of the day in order to bring you worlds that you feel like you could walk around in, that you feel like you are a part of, that are home. Whether that place is a small town overrun by more evil than should be feasibly possible or your settlement in the middle of the apocalypse, we want our worlds to become your world.

For the future, we are looking to bring projects that continue this valued tradition. While we might stray from our familiar horror genre, know that we will not abandon that core belief. One such game, to appear after the delivery of the Slaughterville Reprint and Dark Presence, is called Scene of the Crime. Currently set in the NOIR/1940s era, this system has the potential to be adapted to any era such as 1970s chase movie, 1980s buddy cop comedy, and so on. In this game, you and other investigators must manage a pool of Investigation Points while you search through crime scenes and find suspects and evidence looking to gather the right evidence to build your customized endings. Working through 3 (as of this writing) cases each with their own crime and endings, you may then interrogate each suspect on any piece of evidence in your possession using our extensive booklet. Look for more detailed information in a future posting and we cannot wait for you to grab your pistol, don the fedora, and jump into the seedy underbelly of a city that has seen better days.

And not to forget about our Slaughterville fans, Slaughterville II is on the horizon as well. This will be a stand-alone expansion with 6 new Locations like The Mall, The School, and The Mines with new Villains like Dracula and more.

We look forward to bringing these and many more games to your table and we hope you enjoy your world.