Something Strange in the Neighborhood…

After 5 long and awesome years, I wanted to take a look back at what made me get into the design business in the first place. For the Slaughterville Director’s Cut, I will be going back through the Villains, Characters, and Locations and updating them to be more in line with our new faster and deadlier style. 

For example, the Serial Killer will leave clues at each Location, the Slasher will more more on the hunt, and more. Characters will get a facelift and Locations will get a needed boost. 

We will be bringing this to Kickstarter once Slaughterville 2 has finished shipping, but we will be working on it the entire time. We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in becoming a playtester! Send us a message at chris(a) and we can add you to the mailing lists so you can know once this goes live or when we are ready to send files out for testing!

So, we hope to have you return to this town that stands out as the most creature filled town in…well, we can’t really be sure where it is can we? Until next time, Have fun!!