Slaughterville II Coming to KS in May!

Welcome BACK to Slaughterville!! We are proud to announce the launch of Slaughteville II coming to Kickstarter the end of May! This is a stand-alone expansion to the original Slaughterville and will include 8 new characters, 6 new locations, and 3 new Villains! This...

Laughing Rogue YouTube channel

Slaughterville 2 Video Series! We wanted to introduce to you the new series of videos coming from Laughing Rogue all about the upcoming  game Slaughterville II! We will be taking a look at the new Locations, Characters, and Villains in the game and giving you access...

Slaughterville II Page Updated

For anyone who ever said to a horror movie: Why are you going back in there! Head over to the Slaughterville II main page for more information!

Who Are We?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are old friends with a new look and name. Come on in!